Bill Howe Heating & Air: San Diego Home Shows

Bill Howe Heating & Air: San Diego Home Shows

Bill Howe Heating & Air showcased the Mitsubishi Mini Spit system at the Fall Home shows in Del Mar and at the Convention Center. It was a huge success, and a great time to meet our customers and the community face to face.

San Diego Heating & Air Comfort Advisor Demonstrates Mitsubishi Mini Split

Fonzo M., Bill Howe Heating & Air Home Comfort Advisor demonstrates the quiet and cool efficiency of the Mitsubishi Mini Split A/C

Bill Howe Heating & Air Home Comfort Advisors were available to talk with attendees about their heating 7 air needs, as well as provide insight into the Mitsubishis Mini Spit systems. Quieter, more efficient, and great for older homes or homes without ducting, Mitsubishi Mini Split Systems are the perfect solution for home cooling and home heating in San Diego.

The heating & Air team gave away free high-quality grocery tote bags, our signature Bill Howe Vans (in mini size!), and each show had a special prize for raffle.

Our winner at the Convention Center Home show received a $200 Visa Gift card for signing up, and two prizes were begin given away at the Del Mar Home show: 50 percent off a new Mitsubishi heat pump, or a free 2-year preventative maintenance package. And now is the perfect time to give your HVAC system some love and make sure it is ready for heating your San Diego home this winter, we hear it’s going to be a cold one!

If you were able to stop by and say hi, we would love your feedback on how to improve our booth for our Spring Home Show at the Convention Center. If you’re in need of heating g& air or want to learn more about the Mitsubishi systems, call 1-800 BILL HOWE (245-5469) today.




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