“Howe” to Adjust the Temperature in Your Home When You’re Miles Away

“Howe” to Adjust the Temperature in Your Home When You’re Miles Away

Whether you’re on holiday and realized that you didn’t set your home’s thermostat to vacation mode, or you’re at the office and you’re having unexpected guests over and need the house cooled down or warmed up earlier than usual – you can do it all with a touch of your smart phone, tablet or PC.

Controlling you the temperature of your home is easier than ever before with new technology innovations. For example, Honeywell’s RedLINK™ Wireless Comfort Systems offer a full-suite of wireless-enabled comfort services. Features include remote access from a PC, smart phone or tablet, free app download, access to multiple systems and zones within your home, email alerts when the temperature or humidity limits are surpassed, and automatic upgrades. Honeywell also offers the Portable Comfort Control system, a portable thermostat so that you can adjust the temperature in your home where it’s most convenient for you, while also giving you all the information you need, like outdoor temperature and humidity, to help you make smart energy-related decisions.

Even if you have a very basic HVAC system, there are thermostats and other features that can be installed to give you what you want. You can then control the temperature, adjust settings and view what the temperature is in your house with just the click of a button and without even being there. You can even program your phone or tablet to give you alerts and warnings when something’s wrong with your system or when your system is due for a routine check-up.

Bill Howe can introduce you to all of the new systems that are available so that you can be as tech savvy as you’d like! We can show you the latest trends in technology,  including mobile apps and wireless products so that you can be on the cutting edge of technology and make smart energy decisions for your home.

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Written by Bill Howe Heating & Air Conditioning Division Manager, Miguel Sanchez


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