How Pressure Reducing Valves Can Save You Money

How Pressure Reducing Valves Can Save You Money

As most of us already know, reducing water consumption can save money and have a Water saving tips for plumbing in San Diegopositive impact on the environment. If you’ve read our earlier blog, How Pressure Reducing Valves Can Save Water, you already know that one easy way to start saving money and reducing water consumption is by using a pressure reducing valve. However, we understand that learning about options for plumbing in San Diego can be challenging. Home owners may be interested in reducing their water consumption with a pressure reducing valve, but they don’t know how that valve works. Luckily, at Bill Howe we are dedicated to helping our customers understand how different types of plumbing works and how fixtures can result in major home improvements. After all, we are the leaders in plumbing in San Diego.

Pressure reducing valves help home and business owners save money, water and energy by reducing the amount of water being used and ultimately, wasted. According to the Watts Regulator Company, a faucet left running for ten minutes with a water pressure of 50 psi wastes 30 gallons of water; at 150 psi, it wastes 56 gallons of water. A pressure reducing valve decreases that incoming pressure from the water supply and sets a low, regulated water pressure for the entire home or building. The pressure reducing valve can help decrease water usage by one third. Factor in the cost to heat water at $0.04 a gallon, and you can expect a substantial saving each year, just on heated water. Imagine the amount you can save when you factor in additional energy reduction and waste-water bills. Did you also know that high, unregulated pressure is also a leading cause for leaks and fixture problems? By installing this money-saving device, you can have peace of mind that you won’t need to call us to repair your plumbing in San Diego as often!

So, when it comes to plumbing, San Diego residents look no further than Bill Howe. We have more than 30 years of experience and we know that for plumbing, San Diego residents want to turn to a trusted company who can offer quality service. At Bill Howe, we are the San Diego plumbing experts, and we can help.

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