Personalize Your Plumbing

Personalize Your Plumbing

There are so many areas of our lives we go the extra mile to do research before we make a purchase. We spend the extra dollar to buy those items to ensure they fit perfectly into our lives – why not take the same approach when we purchase a new plumbing fixture? The average person spends 11,760 minutes in a bathroom each year (a little more than 8 years) give or take several hours depending on if you like to read on the toilet or sing in the shower.

Of course, when it comes to plumbing fixtures – aesthetics are the first thing you can make sure work for you and your home. But did you know you also have a wide variety of options to personalize the performance of your plumbing? There are far too many options to list them all here, but we’ve compiled some tips below to help you narrow your choices if you’re in the market for two of the most used plumbing fixtures in the average home: kitchen faucets and showerheads.

Kitchen Faucets:

Most likely you use your kitchen faucet every day or almost every day. When purchasing a faucet, you’ll want to keep several things in mind. The first, and possibly the most obvious, is to look for a faucet that matches the rest of your sink, but make sure the aesthetics don’t get in the way of functionality. Do you tend to cook with large pots? Consider a kitchen faucet with a higher spout or a faucet with a pull-out spray hose. There are also faucets available with “touch technology” that allows you to turn on and off your faucet by simply touching the faucet. Have children used the faucet? Some faucets allow temperature limit stops that prevent scalding or you can purchase faucets with surfaces that are easy to clean. Also, keep in mind that choosing the most expensive faucet doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the highest quality. Check out customer reviews on faucets and ask your plumber for his advice.


The time you spend in your shower should be relaxing and efficient. Everyone is looking to go green, but you don’t have to compromise your water pressure just because you’re getting a low-flow showerhead. You can have your cake and eat it too! The federally mandated 2.5 gallons per minute is the standard flow rate, but you can go further and purchase a faucet that has a 2.2 or 1.5 flow rate – just check and make sure the showerhead will allow you to adjust the settings to get the water pressure you want. You can also make an upgrade to your showerhead that won’t break your wallet. Without having to pay for an expensive plumbing remodel, you may be able to double the number of showerheads. Dual showerhead sprays consist of two showerheads running off a single pipe. You can even find dual shower heads with independent adjustable pressure and massaging heads. Overhead showerheads can make you feel like you’re on that tropical vacation you’ve been meaning to book.


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