Be Good To Your Disposals and Drains this Thanksgiving

Be Good To Your Disposals and Drains this Thanksgiving

For Bill Howe Plumbing technicians, the day after Thanksgiving is more than Black Friday shopping deals – it’s the busiest drain day of the year!

Our technicians have seen it all – entire pots of leftovers shoved down the drains and garbage disposal even to point of backing up into the tub, toilet and bathroom sink drains! To avoid a plumbing disaster this Thanksgiving we recommend tossing all leftovers and scraps into a compost or garbage before they even touch the sink.

Are you entertaining guests with children this weekend? Make sure there are no small objects in the bathroom that a curious child might attempt to flush down the toilet.

Remember, your drain lines are only two inches wide – best not to test what can make it down a narrow pipe.

Our technicians are available 24/7, even on holidays, so if you have a Thanksgiving plumbing emergency – we are here to help. Not an emergency? Call us to schedule on Friday and take advantage of our regular rates.

Happy Thanksgiving San Diego!

Bill and Tina Howe


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