How to Respond to Fire & Smoke Damage

How to Respond to Fire & Smoke Damage

Immediate Response can save dollars when treating fire and smoke damages in your home or business. We also advise seeking the assistance of IICRC companies and individuals so you know you are receiving experienced specialists with formalized training, health and safety certification, and understanding of a wide range of restoration projects. Bill Howe Restoration & Flood has highly trained individuals in water, fire and smoke damage. All employees are trained and certified. It is also important to ensure proof of license and insurance to keep you safe.

It is also important that if you start the project yourself, you start with safety in mind!

  • Make sure it is safe to enter
  • Always wear a dust mask and gloves
  • Open windows and doors, and place fans to properly ventilate the area
  • When cleaning, clean from the ceiling down
  • Use a vacuum with a high efficiency filter to avoid sending bad air back onto the atmosphere
  • If the damage is severe, consult with a licensed company for professional assistance
  • Check with your insurance policy to determine what is covered

The longer the restoration process is delayed, the more damage and costly the repairs will be. The effects of fire and smoke damage increase exponentially over time.

  • Within minutes: Acid soot can cause plastics to discolor and highly porous materials such as marble to be permanently discolored
  • Within hours: Acid soot can stain grout, fiberglass, bathroom fixtures and tarnish untreated metals
  • Within days: Residue can yellow paint, corrode metal and rust, damage wood furniture, permanently damage vinyl flooring, clothes, and furniture.
  • Within weeks: The restoration process will dramatically increase as residue permanently affects floors, walls, metals, glassware, silver plated items and carpet fibers.

Cleaning soot residue should be done quickly, as soon as it is safe to do so. Residue and volatile vapors will expand through the air and then are deposited in structures and on surfaces compromising them immediately. The quicker surface cleanup is initiated, the sooner the process of restoring the home to pre-loss condition will occur.

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