FAQ with Daniel Heinz, Bill Howe Heating & Air in San Diego: A/C Maintenance

FAQ with Daniel Heinz, Bill Howe Heating & Air in San Diego: A/C Maintenance

Daniel Heinz, Senior Service Technician, Bill Howe Heating & Air, San Diego

Daniel Heinz, Senior Service Technician, Bill Howe Heating & Air

How often should I perform maintenance on my A/C in San Diego?

Unless you’re in the inland areas, you may not need your A/C as much, but it is always a good idea to make an annual plan and have a professional out to service your system once a year. Homeowners should also check their filter regularly, and that is something they can do without a professional.

How much does A/C maintenance cost?

A one-time A/C maintenance at Bill Howe costs $89.

Will regular maintenance on my A/C save money?

Absolutely. Efficient running systems will save on your energy costs and eliminate costly repairs down the road. Just like your vehicle, you have to regularly fine-tune your furnace and/or A/C, even in San Diego where we don’t necessarily use them as often as more extreme climates.

Does Bill Howe Heating & Air have an A/C maintenance plan in San Diego?

We have several maintenance plans and will recommend the best for your home and equipment. You can purchase a one-time furnace or A/C maintenance service for $89, or pre-pay for multiple visits at $76 per unit. You can also purchase one or multiple year agreements that will come with benefits such as discounts on repairs, extended warranties on parts, a guarantee against overtime charges.

We will even remind you when you’re due and call you so you never have to worry!

What is involved in a professional A/C maintenance service?

Our professional techs will clear the drains, check the amperage draws on the compressor, condenser, fan blower, and motor. We will also check pressures and the contactor (electrical components), run capacities and coils. We will make sure everything is clean and running properly and will make minor adjustments if necessary.

Does Bill Howe Heating & Air in San Diego recommend A/C maintenance DIY?

The only task we recommend customers perform themselves is changing the filter as needed. That will vary by customer use, pets, the size of the filter. To determine the correct time to change the filter you can compare your filter to a new one every few weeks. Once you find it in need of changing, note the time span and set a reminder.

If you are handy and want to try to maintain or clean your system, be very careful and do not attempt any work with the refrigerant. Refringent requires you to be EPA certified and violations can be dangerous and carry fines.

When is the best time to schedule A/C maintenance in San Diego?

Definitely early spring. If you schedule in March or April, you can rest easy knowing that come the July heat wave, your system will be in prime condition. If you are scheduling for your furnace, the best month is November as it just begins to cool down.

Call Bill Howe to schedule your professional A/C maintenance today! 1-800 (245) 5469.





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