DIY Water Audit

DIY Water Audit

DIY Water Audit

Now that you know how to read your water meter like a pro, you can connect your own interior household water audit. You can also find many online resources to help you understand your water usage including handy formulas to calculate irrigation systems.

But for a simple understanding of your household use, the only tools you need are the knowledge you now have in reading your water meter, a calculator, pen, and paper.

Use our worksheet below, or create your own, and tally up the numbers. The averages will vary based on your own fixtures, but If you want to get really accurate, enlist your wife, husband, children, partner or neighbor to help you out. As you perform each f the following activities, have someone outside using the water meter to determine the exact amount of units for each activity.

Water Audit

Once you determine your individual and household use for each activity, you can tally the totals for a daily, weekly, and monthly snapshot. Armed with this knowledge, you can help to conserve water by catching leaks quicker, reduce unnecessary use, and verify your findings against your water bill.

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