Bill Howe All Stars: September

Bill Howe All Stars: September

San Diego Plumber, Bill Howe “knows Howe!” But, so do the employees in the plumbing, heating & air conditioning, and restoration & flood divisions. To reward our team’s excellence, each month we present four company awards to individuals who have exceeded the Bill Howe standards.

For September achievements, we were proud to honor Jimmie Cook, Gilbert Zazueta, Joel Pearson, and Doug Powell.

Jimmie Cook is our September Above & Beyond Award Winner. He has consistently improved his skill set and craftsmanship since he began working at Bill Howe, and has even started to join the Bill Howe events, has outstanding customer reviews, and is one of our best at helping customers in need of our other services

The Leading by Example award is our Human Resource Manager’s Favorite. Leading by example is doing things the Bill Howe Way and being an example for the entire company. It is one of the hardest to choose each month, as we have the best team. For September, we were happy to honor Gilbert Zazueta. He could, and should have, received this award many times already and is the perfect example of an exemplary Bill Howe employee.

Miguel Gomez, San Diego Journeyman Plumber, is our Customer Service Winner for his achievements in September.  We could go on and on, but we’ll let two recent customers share their story:

“Miguel Gomez cleared a shower drain 2 1/2 years ago when no one else could. I asked for him to clear this difficult drain and he did it again. What most impressed me was how he was going to work on it until it drained properly. I will always as for Miguel when I need service.” Sharron via Bill Howe Website

“Yesterday Miguel Gomez came to clear the kitchen sink and check a leak in the laundry room. The window of opportunity for him to show up was from 8am-1pm. He got here at 8:00!! Awesome! Miguel was polite and well mannered and so respectful that my 86 year old mom wanted him to come back and visit her sometime […] he replaced a cracked pipe in the wall of the laundry room. Total cost $166. Total time spent: less than 2 hours, that includes having to go to Home Depot for the pipe. Other companies I had called to quote started at $350. He also left the laundry room cleaner than when he started. Miguel spoke highly of the Bill Howe family/company and so will I! Thank you Miguel!!” Gloria via Bill Howe Website

Our Excellence winner has been recognized for his craftsmanship multiple times. Doug Powell, possibly the best gas related San Diego plumber (we’re serious) handled a recent gas lockout with absolute perfection. He had to run over 170 feet of gas line, but he also had to ensure it was strapped up above ground, which meant installing chain link fencing temporarily. When asked if it passed inspection, Doug replied, “Do you have to ask?”

Whether you need an expert San Diego plumber or water damage specialist, we have you covered with the highest trained team of all-stars. Call 1-800 Bill Howe (245-5469). You’ll be glad you did.


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