Getting Your AC Unit Ready for the Warm Season

Getting Your AC Unit Ready for the Warm Season

While San Diego air conditioner use peaks during summer months, the best time to consider performing regular maintenance on a system is during the spring before the warm weather hits, when the unit is not in operation. For most San Diego air conditioner service providers, this is the preferred time to conduct annual preventive maintenance services and the best time for customers to ensure their systems are ready when warm weather comes.

Studies have indicated that nearly 90 percent of all HVAC equipment failures result from Heat waveneglect. During times of heavy use, San Diego air conditioner equipment will be using up coolant and lubricant, belts will be wearing, moving parts may begin to loosen, filters will begin to clog, and air ducts to accumulate dust, dirt and debris. Left unchecked, these minor problems can eventually result in the need for costly repairs or even necessitate replacement of broken equipment.

Like an automobile where oil changes, tire rotations and replacement as well as tune-ups ensure safe and efficient operation, air conditioning systems require the same kind of regular maintenance routines. The easiest way to ensure that you’re your unit is running at its peak efficiency is to set up an annual maintenance program with Bill Howe Heating & Air, a qualified air conditioner San Diego service provider.

To lessen the likelihood of mechanical breakdown or inefficient operation during times when you need your air conditioner to be running optimally, the off-season is the best time to schedule a technician to:

  1. Check electrical systems and test run the unit
  2. Check refrigerant
  3. Clean or replace filters and clean condenser and evaporator
  4. Check thermostat operation
  5. Check ductwork for leaks
  6. Check belts and tighten any loose parts
  7. Check condensate line(s) and clean if necessary

All in all, good maintenance saves money by improving efficiency and averting costly breakdowns. To schedule an appointment for service on your air conditioner, San Diego residents please contact us at 1-800-BILL-HOWE (1-800-245-5469). Our tune-ups are only $85!


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