Outstanding Employees Recognized for August Achievements

Outstanding Employees Recognized for August Achievements

Voted the Best San Diego Plumbers, Bill Howe continually recognizes excellence  and exemplary service of its team. Each month, four monthly awards are presented to individuals and teams that go beyond the call of duty and deliver the best craftsmanship, customer service, community dedication, and adherence to the Bill Howe Way.

At our Bill Howe company meeting each month we recognize previous months achievements int he form of four monthly awards: Above & Beyond, Customer Service, Leading by Example, and Excellence. All employees from across all divisions are eligible to receive awards and the winners are chosen by a committee of team leaders, managers, and office staff.

On  September 14,  we were proud to honor San Diego plumbers, Rigoberto Barajas, D. J. Williams, Mel Sturla, and Brandon Pettway.

In his second year at the San Diego Plumbing-Heating-Cooling-Contractor’s Academy Journeyman Apprentice Program, Rigoberto Barajas is our recipient of the Above & Beyond Award. He routinely promotes the multiple divisions within Bill Howe, attends Bill Howe events, and receives outstanding online reviews form his customers.

Our Customer Service Award winner for achievements in August is one of Bill Howe’s seasoned San Diego plumbing technicians. D. J. Williams was called out to a job at the end of the day on a day he was not on call, and could have passed the job. He was presented with customers without facilities and a challenging repair. Instead of putting it off for the morning, D.J. took charge and spent hours phoning parts suppliers, as well as enlisting the help of one of the Bill Howe apprentices, in order to get the customer serviced that evening. He spent several hours on a large job, and by the end, he was able to restore facilities to his customer.

Our Leading by Example award recipient for August is Mel Sturla in the Bill Howe epoxy relining division. Mel consistently remains one of the best in the epoxy division, as well as the company. His appearance is impeccable, he arrives to each job on time, delivers the best customer service, and adheres to all Bill Howe policies.

Brandon Pettway is our August Excellence Winner. He was named as the Apprentice of the year by the National PHCC in 2015, and graduated from the Academy in June. He is one of our most recent Journeyman plumbers and continually completes each job to perfection.

You can rest assured that when you call Bill Howe, you are getting the Best San Diego Plumbers. For all of your drain service and plumbing needs, you know who to call.  Call 1-800 Bill Howe (245-5469) today and request one of our award winning team members!


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