Amber Rush

Executive Management


Amber Rush

Human Resources Manager
Bill Howe Family of Companies

Team Member Since: 1997


What is your specialty?

What are you most passionate about in your field?
The employees!

What do you like most about working for Bill Howe?
The opportunity to engage with all of the employees every day.

Where can we find you when you’re not working?

Ask me about…

My favorite…
Is traveling.

About Amber

Amber Baynard moved onto the Human Resources position in 2012 after serving as the company’s Operations Manager since 2009. However, she began her career at Bill Howe Plumbing at the age of 18. Since 1997, Amber has worked hard to achieve the level of success within the company that she now enjoys, and continues on her quest towards excellence. She began her career with Bill Howe Plumbing as a part-time summer job. She answered phones, made copies, filed and was your typical “girl Friday.” She began dispatching when Bill Howe Plumbing adopted the software program they use today. Amber was the only one in the office to quickly learn how to use the new technology and she became an invaluable addition in the day to day operations of the company; her summer job became a fulfilling career. She quickly worked her way to the Lead Dispatcher position until her promotion to Assistant Manager in 2005. As Assistant Manager, she still maintained effective management of the “pit,” the dispatch crew, as well as overseeing management of the field technicians, training of all office staff and direction of the human resources department. She has designed and implemented in-depth training for all office staff, regularly takes part in management training programs and although she has officially hung up her dispatch phone, among the “old school” technicians she is still “the best!” Amber has seamlessly taken on the Human Resource Management role within the family of companies; she makes hard work look easy.

She is well respected among her male colleagues, as she has an impressive amount of plumbing knowledge. She is also popular among the employees and they often wait in line in front of her office just to say hi and speak with her about work, life and philosophy.

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