May All Star Plumbers in San Diego

May All Star Plumbers in San Diego

Bill Howe started his San Diego plumbing company 37 years ago with one truck and he was the sole technician. With a mission to grow into San Diego’s trusted home service company, he has spent three decades putting together the best team.

One of the key components to creating a place where great employees want to work is by offering ample recognition for their excellence. That’s why Bill and Tina Howe started a recognition program for the company.

Each month, we honor our team members for their achievements the previous month. All employees are eligible and the recipients are chosen by a panel based on criteria in each category of award. Our award winners for the month of May were: Luis Mascareno (Above & Beyond), Victor Santana (Leading by Example), Don Bauer (Excellence), and Nicole Mioni (Customer Service), and they are all part of our all-star San Diego plumbing team!

Luis Mascareno is one of our best San Diego plumbers and exemplifies the Above & Beyond Award. For the month of May, Luis led the food bank volunteer night bringing with him 35 of his peers and their friends and families. He also participates in all of our customer appreciation events and is one of our best cross promoters for all of the other services we offer.

Leading by Example is the Award we present to employees who exemplify the Bill Howe Way. Our winner for May is Victor Santana, the epitome of perfection. He has 100 percent arrival times and attendance, as well as being one of the most organized San Diego plumbers we have had on our team.

Excellence in craftsmanship is one of the ways we ensure the best experience for our customers. Our winner for May is Don Bauer. A Journeyman plumber and one of the best, he performs each job top the highest standards.

Our dispatch team is the front line of defense for our customers, and we ensure the most advanced training to continually deliver the very best in San Diego. Plumbing dispatcher, Nicole Mioni is our winner for the Customer Service Award for exceeding standards. She has developed a program to keep all dispatch and CSR’s manuals updated, has the highest number for accurate call taking, and has a great attitude each day.

Whether you need plumbing service or another of our award-winning services, you can trust that the team dispatched to your job will adhere to the highest standards in craftsmanship and customer service. Call 1-800-Bill Howe (245-5469) and request one of our All-Stars.


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