Hydro Jetting FAQ W/Jessica Kalloch

Hydro Jetting FAQ W/Jessica Kalloch

Director of Business Development, Jessica Kalloch, answers our most frequently asked questions about commercial Hydro Jetting.

Q: What is Hydro Jetting?

A: Hydro jetting is a method of clearing drain stoppages as well as preventing backups. It uses high pressure water through specially designed jetter nozzles and is a great way to maintain and clean the sanitary waste lines in commercial drain pipes.

Q: When should you consider Hydro Jetting?

A: Hydro Jetting can remove heavy buildup in pipes that have not been maintained, but it is best to use it as a preventative tool. If you are unsure of the pipes conditions, Bill Howe’s experts can advise on the best preventative maintenance schedule to keep the pipes in good shape.

Q: How often should you Hydro Jet?

A: Our experts recommend Hydro Jetting commercial buildings at least once a year depending on usage.

Q: When is Hydro Jetting performed?

A: To minimize tenant disruption, typically we schedule preventative maintenance Hydro Jetting after hours, but tailor all schedules to the needs of the commercial property.

Q: Who should perform Hydro Jetting?

A: A drain technician that specializes in commercial buildings It is important to choose a specialist. Untrained drain technicians could potentially cause damage in large commercial properties.

Jessica Kalloch is Director of Business Development for the Bill Howe Family of Companies and is active within the industry and community.

2017 San Diego Police Foundation Board

2014-2016 BOMA Board

2013-2016 SDBEA Board

2015 BOMA You’re the greatest Award & HMA Gold Key Patti Roscoe Person of Year

2014 BOMA Chair person of year, Friend of IREM of the Year, SDBEA Allied member of the year & Women who Mean Business



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