Expert Plumber Tips

Expert Plumber Tips

At Bill Howe, we are proud of our plumbers’ commitment to the San Diego community. We have alway promised to send a plumber, not a salesman, to solve our customer’s problems fast and for a fair cost. Our plumbers educate the community as well, and we think that everyone should be aware of some common plumbing information that could help you next time you have a problem. It could save you money and a phone call.

Here are some of our San Diego plumbers best tips for the month of July:

“All tankless water heaters should be descaled and maintained on an annual basis to keep them running at optimal performance.” – Tris Coffin, Journeyman Plumber/Tankless Expert

“Regularly check your water pressure to avoid burst pipes and leaky fixtures. The optimal PSI should be between 60-80.” – Alex Ulloa, Journeyman Plumber/Field Supervisor

“Don’t use any liquid drain cleaners. They can harden and corrode the inside of pipes over time leading to costly repairs.” – Drain snakes are best! Edgar Godinez, Journeyman Plumber/Drain expert

“A running toilet could be a flapper issue or high water pressure. If it is the flapper, it is an easy repair, but double check all the pressure in your home to be sure.” – Saul Serrano, Journeyman Plumber/Drain Expert

“Do you have dull disposal blades? Sharpen them with a handful of ice, run it with light water until the ice disintegrates. But remember, be good to your disposal and avoid putting grease, large amounts of food and waste, or any rinds in it.” – Allan Aguilar, Journeyman Plumber

“If you are remodeling a bathroom and adding tile where there was none before, keep in mind you will have to raise the toilet flange (insert image) to the same level as the new flooring. If it sits too low, the wax ring will not provide a good seal and will cause leaks over time damaging your new floor.” – Steven Winsett, Journeyman Plumber/Remodel Expert

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It’s always good to know about the plumbing in your home so when something does go wrong, you can attend to it quickly avoiding damage and costly repairs. If you are unsure, or eed an expert opinion, you know who to call 1-800 Bill Howe (245-5469)



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