Bill Howe: Precision A/C Tune-Up

Bill Howe: Precision A/C Tune-Up

Air conditioning in San Diego is not necessarily a necessity along the coast, but inland areas can get very hot during the summer months. If you do have an A/C system, it is important to ensure that when you turn it on, it will be ready and working efficiently and safely. Manufacturers, and our own A/C experts in San Diego, recommend performing annual routine maintenance on your system about a month before peak season. In fact, many warranties will be voided if you do not have a licensed professional maintain the system each year of its life.

What to expect during your San Diego Air conducting tune up from Bill Howe.

Bill Howe has made it easy to stay cool with our a/c experts in San Diego performing the most precise tune ups every spring. But what do they involve?

Each precision A/C tune-up in San Diego includes a multiple point inspection and safety check. Our A/C specialists will:

  • Check all input and out temperatures to ensure the system is cooling properly
  • Check refrigerant levels to ensure there is not a leak causing refrigerant to run low
  • Inspect coils for leaks and cleanliness (systems with dirty coils have to work harder and can cause problems down the line)
  • Check condensate lines and ensure that the A/C is draining properly
  • Clean the electrical components, connections, and fuses
  • Run a full diagnostic on safety controls so you know your family is safe
  • Go over thermostat function and answer any questions on how to get the most out of your programmable thermostats
  • Confirm that the system is pulling the proper amperage draw on the motors
  • Change or clean your filter (standard filters are included free of charge)
  • Make any recommendations to ensure your system is performing efficiently to save you money and keep you cool


Not sure if your San Diego air conditioning system is ready to handle the heat wave? Schedule your precision A/C tune up with the experts at Bill Howe. Call 1-800 Bill Howe (245-5469) today and beat the heat this summer!


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