Bill Howe’s March All-Stars

Bill Howe’s March All-Stars

Bill Howe was voted the Best San Diego plumber in 2016, and it is no wonder why. We have some of the best employees; they take pride in their work, appearance, live up to the high standards of Bill Howe, and have the same dedication to the community as the company. It is a great honor to recognize individuals for their outstanding performances and so Bill Howe created four monthly awards and present them at each shop meeting.

Each month, we present those team members who go beyond the call of duty for their efforts, and for the month of March, we were very excited to honor Tris Coffin, Eric Montalvo, Mauricio Cervantes, and Corey Koenen and Pattric Nealey.

Our four company awards are presented for Above & Beyond, Customer Service, Leading by Example, and Excellence highlighting volunteerism, job site excellence and craftsmanship, leading the Bill Howe Way, and of course providing the very best customer service.

Our first award for going Above & Beyond was presented to Tris Coffin. Not only is he an exemplary employee, a talented Journeyman Plumber, and genuine person, he is always open to help in any way. He is a regular volunteer at our monthly San Diego Food Bank volunteer night, attends the Bill Howe Wellness events, and participated in our latest video series showing us how a tankless is installed.

Our award for Leading by Example, the Bill Howe Way, honors Eric Montalvo. He is no stranger to our monthly awards and certainly deserves the LBE every month. He has perfect arrivals, attendance, and his truck and uniform are among the cleanest and most organized. He takes great pride in doing a job well done, but also understands that first impressions matter and presents himself to the high standards of Bill Howe.

Mauricio Cervantes, Sr., one of Bill Howe’s San Diego plumber’s and slab leak specialists is the March Customer Service Winner. On a late Friday night, long after Mauricio had finished his last job, he was contacted by a fellow plumber for assistance. Mauricio happily joined his teammate and helped to restore water for their customer and worked late into the night, even though he was not on call. The following Saturday, another tricky slab leak required his expertise and he spent his Saturday off once again helping his peer and delivering a great experience for a customer.

Our Excellence winner for March is comprised of a team of two, Corey Koenen and Pattric Nealey. A job estimate was approved on a Friday that required a scissor lift on Monday. Corey was not certified, however, he took it upon himself to become certified over the weekend in order to be prepared for the customer to save them time and delay. He was joined on the job by Journeyman Plumber, Pattric Nealey and the two completed the large project in 3 days with precision, efficiency, and absolute perfection. They saved the customer time and money, and left the job site clean and work done to the highest standards.

Whether you are in need of services in San Diego heating or plumbing, you can rest easy knowing that our specialists will deliver the best. Call 1-800-Bill Howe (245-5469) and request one of our all-star team.


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