Bill Howe’s February Award Winners

Bill Howe’s February Award Winners

We were incredibly honored to have been named as San Diego’s Best Plumber, Heating & Air Conditioning Company, and Contractor in 2016 and we know it is all because of our amazing team. We invest in the Bill Howe employees so they can achieve success and by ensuring they are happy and engaged, they, in turn, take care of our customers. Part of the strategy to consistently reach out mission is to offer ample recognition for jobs well done. That’s why Bill Howe presents four categories of awards every month for Leading by Example, Above & Beyond, Customer Service, and Excellence. All employees in San Diego plumbing, heating & air, restoration & flood, and office staff are eligible and are nominated by management and their peers.

The Above & Beyond Award recognizes an individual for participating in Bill Howe events, having a great online reputation with customers, and embodying the Bill Howe Way. Louie Sepulveda is that employee and was presented with the Above & Beyond award for his outstanding presence at our monthly food bank volunteer efforts (as well as bringing his entire paintball crew each month). He has been one of the dedicated volunteers for many years and continues to pay it forward in the community.

Leading by Example is given to the employee who exemplifies what it means to be a great employee. The recipient for February is Rudy Rivera. Part of our water damage mitigation team in San Diego, Rudy is a true leader. He helps his peers, arrives at his jobs prepared and on time, and always delivers the best experience for his customers.

Gabe Gomez, one of our best San Diego plumber is the Customer Service Award Winner for his February efforts. Nominated by Plumbing Operations Manager, Jaime Howe-Stolis for his ability to create consistently happy customers in some difficult circumstances, Gabe has truly become a shining example of how to deliver legendary customer service.

Each month, the General Manager receives numerous job project photos for the Excellence Award. Bill Howe is proud that all of their field team is proud of their own work and wants to showcase, but it makes it challenging to choose a winner each month. Typically, it is one of our larger jobs done by one of the plumbers, but this month, it was an honor to recognize one of the reconstruction team members for his skill, Miguel Villasenor. Miguel completes every job with precision and care, and we were honored to reward him for his efforts.

If you are in need of plumbing, heating & air, or water damage mitigation services in San Diego, look no further than Bill Howe. Call 1-800-Bill Howe (245-5469) today and request one of our superstars.


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