San Diego Plumbers Achieving Excellence

San Diego Plumbers Achieving Excellence

As the Best San Diego Plumbers and Best Heating Specialists, we know it takes a team to be successful. That’s why we are proud to consistently recognize our employees for their outstanding professionalism, customer service, work ethic, pay it forward spirit, and job excellence every chance we get.

Each month, we present those team members who go beyond the call of duty for their efforts, and for the month of December, we   were very excited to honor Eric Montalvo, Miguel Gomez, Jose Gomez, and the Epoxy Lining Team of Justin Gould, Michael Castaing, Zach Taylor and Kyle Morris, for their exemplary service in front of our entire company at our January company meeting.

Our four company awards are presented for Above & Beyond, Customer Service, Leading by Example, and Excellence highlighting volunteerism, job site excellence, and craftsmanship, leading the Bill Howe Way, and of course providing the very best customer service.

Our first award for going Above & Beyond was presented to Eric Montalvo. He exemplifies what it means to be a team player, star employee and goes out of his way for his teammates and the community. He is also one of our San Diego plumbers in the four-year Journeyman Academy through the PHCC. He will graduate this year and we are proud to be a part of his success and growth.

Our award for Leading by Example, the Bill Howe Way, honors Jose Gomez in our Heating & Air Conditioning division. For the month of December, he had perfect arrival times meeting each of his customers at their door by 8:15, always looks impeccable and professional and completed each of his jobs with precision and care. Although he is newer to our company, he has already impressed us and is also enrolled at the PHCC Academy in San Diego heating & Air conditioning certificate program.

Miguel Gomez, also in his fourth year of the San Diego plumber’s journeyman program, is our December Customer Service Winner. He often handles highly complex customer issues and delivers nothing short of outstanding service. He has the ability to place our customers at ease and let them know that they will be taken care of quickly, and with the utmost care.

Our Excellence winner for December is actually a team of individuals who are dedicated to perfection, the epoxy lining team of Justin Gould and Kyle Morris, and Michael Castaing and Zach Taylor. They were called to a high-rise building in order to restore drain lines on the top two floors and worked for a month straight (after hours) to ensure the job went smoothly and the lines were fully restored. They were able to minimize downtime for businesses operating in the building, eliminate waste, and utilize the newest epoxy technology.

Whether you are in need of services in San Diego heating or plumbing, you can rest easy knowing that our specialists will deliver the best. Call 1-800-Bill Howe (245-5469) and request one of our all-star team.


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