How to: Emergency Water Heater Shutdown

How to: Emergency Water Heater Shutdown

In the event of an emergency or flood, do you know how to shut down your water heater to protect your family and home?

One of the most important things a homeowner can do is to take steps to shut off their gas water heater. We have shown you in our “Howe to” video series how to shut the water off to your house, and shutting the gas off is just as simple.

In the event of an emergency, just follow these steps until you can have on of Bill Howe professional water heater specialists assist you.

Step 1:

Turn off the gas, or electricity to the heater. To shut off the gas, simply twist the lever (it should always be marked) to the off position.

To shut down the electric, all you need to do is switch the circuit breaker that supplies the water heater to the off position.

Step 2:

Turn off the water supply. Simply turn the handle on the water heater (sometimes it may be a turn handle or a lever type valve) clockwise very gently until it stops. You can also turn off the water to the house.

Step 3: (optional)

If you feel confident, you can also drain the water heater to prevent flooding. WE do not recommend this in any emergency. If you feel you can find a number of online videos showing you this step. Please proceed with caution and if you have any questions, one of our professional plumbers in san Diego are here to help 24/7.

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