Bathrooms Are Going High Tech!

Bathrooms Are Going High Tech!

Have you heard of Chromatherapy? High definition speakers piping your favorite tunes directly into through your shower head? Digital controls to keep your family safe? A toilet so smart it lights your way and cleans itself, and more? If you want the ultimate experience, look no further. With high-tech toilets, showers, and faucets, the bathroom will become your favorite room!

Aromatherapy touches your olfactory senses, but Chromatherepy adds blasts of color that energize or relax. You can go with just a touch of color through LED showerheads, or place it throughout the room for a dramatic effect your guests will be talking about for years!  shutterstock_451048087shutterstock_172662410

Kholer MOxieTired of singing alone in the shower? Check out Kholer’s Moxie, its music to you ears. The Moxie adds high-quality sound piped right into your shower. Mix it with your Chromatherapy and you have a recipe for the best shower ever, every day.

Your showers can also be controlled digitally. The Kholer digital shower controls are great for families with small children as you can place limits on how hot the water gets. You can also heat up your shower without wasting water, even set a timer or hit pause for the inevitable shower interruption. Getting a phone call? No problem, take it directly in the shower without missing a beat.

Even toilets can now bring you joy. TOTO innovators are consistently on the cutting edge and have delivered to the world a toilet so advanced, you will save time cleaning and never stumble in the dark again. The TOTO self-cleans, is lit by LEDs and will sense your approach and open the lid for you. It will also warm your seat.

Touchless faucets top off your bathroom fixtures with a wave of the hand and magic. Wash your hands or face without ever having to touch your faucet, “Moen makes every day easier.”

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