Don’t Neglect Your A/C This Spring!

Don’t Neglect Your A/C This Spring!

The best time to consider performing regular maintenance on your air conditioning system in San Diego is during the spring season before it gets too hot. By checking your system out before you need it, you will know if it is running at its optimal level, and ensure that you will be cool when you need it most.

Bill Howe Heating & Air conditioning has been performing maintenance on air conditioning units for over ten years and offers the highest level of service by trained and certified specialists. We will perform an extensive inspection and tune-up on your system, including changing the air filter. And, if something is in need of repair, you can trust that our experts will have the solution and have your air conditioning in San Diego running perfectly in time for the summer heat wave.

Did you know studies have indicated that nearly 90 percent of all HVAC equipment failures result from neglect? And filters are one of the most important components of you’re A/C. Even if your filter appears clean, you should still replace the air conditioner unit filter once per season. A dirty air filter reduces air flow through your unit, which results in reduced cooling capacity, and therefore the unit must run longer, consuming more energy to cool down your home. A dirty filter can also increase noise levels from the unit itself, because it’s running longer.

It is also important to understand the basics of how your system works. Central air consists of three main parts: the condenser, the blower unit, evaporator coil, and the ductwork. During all professional tune-ups, our San Diego A/C specialists will inspect (and clean):

  • refrigerant,
  • filters (clean and/or replace)
  • condenser and evaporator
  • thermostat operation
  • duct-work for leaks
  • belts and tighten any loose parts
  • condensate-removal system
  • debris

Check out our HVAC General Manager, Eric, as he walks you through the Bill Howe Service!

By regularly maintaining your system and understanding how it works, you can eliminate the likelihood of mechanical breakdown or inefficient operation during times when you need your air conditioner to be running optimally.

The off-season is the best time to schedule your San Diego A/C tune-up because it allows time to perform repairs (if needed) and reduce your wait time for an appointment. As soon as the heat wave begins, most companies book up many weeks in advance making emergency repairs costlier and sometimes unavailable.

Don’t wait until you need A/C, call today for a fast and efficient Spring Tune-up 1-800-Bill-Howe (1-800-245-5469).




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