Bill Howe Plumbing, Heating & Air Now Offering Kool Kap Protective A/C Covers

Bill Howe Plumbing, Heating & Air Now Offering Kool Kap Protective A/C Covers

Established San Diego heating company excited to offer low cost solution to extend life of equipment

February  11, 2015 San Diego, Calif. – Well-known San Diego heating, air conditioning, plumbing and restoration company has been consistently growing into one of the largest, family-owned low cost service and repair companies for 35 years. They offer services in all areas of home and business needs from simple drain snaking to complex mechanical work in commercial applications. The company’s success is due in part to their dedication to service training, new technology and valuing long-term customer relationships by saving their clients money and providing the best customer experience. Although officially incorporated in 2007, the development of their services in heating & air conditioning in San Diego began many years prior with training, certifications and development.

san diego heating tech, javier shows kool kapThe newest offering from Bill Howe Heating & Air Conditioning is a product called Kool Kap. The product design is relatively simple, but it has extraordinary results in protection for your air conditioning in San Diego. Customers spend a lot of money on A/C units that sit in the elements all year. Many people choose to cover their condensers when not in use with tarps, but this could actually damage and corrode the condenser shortening the life span of the unit. Once the Kool Kap is installed, it remains on year-round, even while the air conditioning is in use. It was designed to work with the condenser, ensuring that your unit is protected at all times.  And, when your unit is properly maintained and protected against the elements, you can save money while ensuring you’re A/C will exceed its intended life.

Bill Howe Heating & Air Conditioning is offering the Kool Kap as a stand-alone installation service, or as an addition to installations and tune-up specials. They are also offering the Kool Kap at an incredibly affordable rate. If customers choose to have the Kool Kap installed without additional service, the cost is $190 and includes a 10-point condenser tune up. They will professionally install the kool kap to ensure that customers get the most out of their A/C unit. The Kool Kap can also be added on to any tune-up special or new installation service for just the cost of the product, $75.

“We are very excited about the Kool Kap,” said Eric Sanchez, General Manager of Bill Howe Heating & Air. “When our technicians do A/C inspections, one thing we find is that the condensers are sometimes adversely affected by the elements, or kept under a tarp that can trap moisture and potentially harm the unit. Once installed, it is easy to not think about you’re A/C until it doesn’t work. With the Kool Kap, customers can do just that, install the protective cover and rest easy knowing their condenser is protected year round.”

For more information about the Kool Kap and a video showing it in use, visit the Companies blog here:

For more information about the Bill Howe Family of Companies or services offered, visit, or to speak with Bill or Tina Howe regarding this announcement, contact Bill Howe Marketing Director, Julie Riddle at [email protected].

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Bill Howe Family of Companies is comprised of Bill Howe Plumbing, Inc.; Bill Howe Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.; Bill Howe Restoration & Flood Services, Inc. The family-owned and operated company began in 1980 with the plumbing division and has grown into San Diego County’s largest low-cost one-stop-shop for service, repairs and installation, offering both residential and commercial services. 9085 Aero Drive, Suite B, San Diego CA 92123. Call 1-800-BILL-HOWE because We Know Howe!




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