“Howe” to Prep for the Holidays!

“Howe” to Prep for the Holidays!

It’s that time of year again, in-Laws, family from out of town & food! Yes–the holiday season is upon us! With all the things to think of during this season, one important item many people don’t think about is how plumbing and appliances can be affected. There are several plumbing issues that may arise during this time including clogged sinks, backed up toilets, and heating complications. But when does your problem warrant calling on a San Diego plumber or HVAC specialist?

There are several things to look out for to tell if you are in need of service, and some tips to ensure the holiday season goes smoothly.

Kitchen sinks and disposals often suffer the worst with excess use. You can always have a San Diego plumber perform preventative maintenance on your drain lines pre-season and follow a few careful rules on what to not put down the drain. You want to be careful not to put any kinds of rinds or skins such as lemons, potatoes or carrot peels. Also, be careful about grease, fats, or oils as they could harden and possibly stick to your pipe walls leading to build up and clogs. When running your disposal you need to keep the water running it helps rinse food particles to prevent buildup. Unsure if you might have a problem? When you turn on your sink does the water drain automatically, does your disposal make a clunking noise when it is turned on? These are definite signs that you may have an issue. If you are in need, don’t wait to call a San Diego plumber; your drain might worsen causing more headaches.

Some things that could help you out are making good use out of your trashcans, Keep small ones in the bathroom and big ones in the kitchen. Keeping small trashcans in the bathroom gives you and your guests and easily place to dispose of trash, wipes and tissues. This can help in preventing those unwelcomed toilet clogs. With extra use and company in town, your toilets can easily become clogged. Make sure all of your guests know what you can and cannot flush.

What about the heating system? Depending on how old your furnace or heating system is and whether you have run it during the pre-season you may want to think about having a San Diego heating repair company perform a tune-up of the system. If you properly maintain the heating system, check it before it gets cold and periodically turn it on to check its performance, when San Diego gets cold, you’ll still be warm!

If you’re in need of a San Diego heating repair company or the best San Diego plumbers available, then don’t delay and call 1-800-Bill-Howe (800-245-5469).



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