“Howe” Do You Choose Your Plumber, San Diego?

“Howe” Do You Choose Your Plumber, San Diego?

As a premiere local service and repair company for over three decades, we have made it our mission to employ only the best and most highly trained San Diego plumbers in the county. We ensure that each Bill Howe plumber is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to properly diagnose and solve your problem quickly and at an affordable price.

Our San Diego plumbers are also trained in customer service and held to the highest bill Howe standards and you can also expect to be treated with professionalism and understand every aspect of your job. Why would you choose any other plumber, San Diego?

When you call a Bill Howe Expert plumber, they will arrive at your door ready to exceed all of your expectations. They will:

  • Wear a clean and neat Bill Howe uniform and a smile.
  • Introduce themselves and be attentive to your needs
  • Communicate every aspect of the job they will perform so you understand the entire process
  • Provide you with an estimate prior to beginning work
  • Have a friendly and professional attitude
  • Have the knowledge and expertise to perform the job right
  • Leave your home clean of debris, work materials and dirt
  • Provide you with a detailed invoice showing the scope of work and your signature of approval
  • Leave a business card in case you have any questions, you know who to call!


At Bill Howe, we have over 30 years of experience serving the local community. From drain clogs to major leaks, heating and air conditioning to flood restoration and reconstruction. We stand behind our name and our employees to meet your needs, exceed your expectations and perform every job the Bill Howe Way!

For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our expert San Diego plumbers, contact us at 1-800-Bill-Howe (1-800-245-5469).




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