Our Structural Dry-Out Process

Our Structural Dry-Out Process

For years, Bill Howe has provided the San Diego area with the most advanced and accurate plumbing and HVAC services. But, did you know that we also provide the top San Diego water damage mitigation service? That’s right! – San Diego flood repair, water damage, and the largest to smallest moisture issues, we do it all!

So, if your home or business has water damage, our five-star mitigation division will be glad to help. From wet drywall, beams and joists to flooded basements and crawl spaces and wet wiring, mold and mildew colonization to sickening smells, and even damaged carpet, flooring, and soaked personal effects – we can resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. Our superb San Diego water damage division can handle each and every one of these concerns to get your life and property back to normal quickly.

bill howe restoration truck and technology

We showcased some of our restoration equipment at our recent open house

Our Process:

1. Immediate removal of any collectible water from the structure and materials.

2. Determination of damages and creation of a subsequent action plan using state-of-the-art moisture reading equipment and methodology.

3. Removal of all affected materials – soaked drywall, flooring, wall coverings, room
contents, etc.

4. Installation of appropriate air-moving, ozone, and dehumidification equipment to all
zones of damage.

5. Continued monitoring of home materials as mitigation processes run the needed course.

In the end, our goal with each and every situation is to ensure complete and healthy rebuild-ability. In addition, we extend our confidence with 100% satisfaction guarantee stamped on any job we do. Our prestigious, PHCC Contractor of the Year Award says it all. With no exceptions, we stand behind our excellent San Diego flood repair team with complete confidence in our rendering of service and parts. That’s why we guarantee it all!

So remember, if you ever have any kind of San Diego water damage, plumbing, or HVAC issue, time is of the essence and Bill Howe is your go-to, all-in-one resolution.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 1-800-BILL-HOWE (1-800-245-5469).







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