Get Ready for the Holidays with Tips From Seasoned Plumbing Professionals at Bill Howe Plumbing

Get Ready for the Holidays with Tips From Seasoned Plumbing Professionals at Bill Howe Plumbing

No matter how the holiday season is celebrated, chances are those festivities include family and friends. The last thing expected, or wanted, during the holidays is a plumbing emergency taking center stage. There is a lot involved when preparing for holiday celebrations and if plans include having anyone stay for an extended period, every plumber in San Diego knows there is more preparation needed than what meets the eye when getting ready for guests.

Plumbing tips for the holidays

How often is it that, minutes before hosting a holiday dinner party, the kitchen drain backs up or the disposal stops working, or just as houseguests go in for their morning shower they find last night’s turkey dinner coming up through the tub? Not only is it an unwanted hassle, but the rates on holidays can increase up to double for plumbing in San Diego. A few small measures in prevention can ensure that the holiday will go smoothly, while saving some money too.

Clogged drains are the most common holiday problem homeowners will encounter with their plumbing in San Diego during the holiday season.  Hosting relatives and friends for extended stays will increase the amount of drain usage, and increase the likelihood that a drain will back up. Scheduling a preventative snaking of a particularly problematic drain, such as the kitchen drain, is one step that will keep the potential for disaster at bay. It is also always a good idea to avoid putting any food items down the sink or even in the garbage disposal. It is best to pretend the garbage disposal does not even exist and dispose of any solid food waste in the garbage or compost. In addition, make sure all drains are equipped with strainers to catch any food items in the kitchen and excess hair in the showers.

If the home is equipped with a septic tank and there will be more usage than normal, make sure the tank has been serviced and that the lines are running clear. Keep a watchful eye on how all of the home’s drains are running. If any toilets or showers start draining slowly, it might indicate a clog. If a preventative maintenance plan has already been initiated, check with your plumber in San Diego to make sure that a service call is available before the rush.

With extra houseguests using more plumbing than normal, it is not uncommon to notice small problems quickly become large problems.  If there are any small leaks or pressure issues, it may take some time to become noticeable. However, if houseguests will be using fixtures at double the normal rate, these leaks may become more apparent. With an increase in plumbing usage over the holiday season, it is a good preventative measure to hire a professional to check your plumbing. In San Diego, most visual assessments can be performed at no charge and estimates can be provided with all of the necessary recommendations before small issues become emergencies.

For more information about scheduling a preventative maintenance or inspection before the holidays, visit, or call the office at 619-286-6348.


Wishing all of our customers a wonderful holiday season!

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