Trends in Ductless Air Conditioning

Trends in Ductless Air Conditioning

At Bill Howe Heating & Air, an expert San Diego HVAC company, we have noticed a decline in the construction business in our city over the past few years. But interestingly, the number of jobs our San Diego HVAC technicians handle each year has not declined.

Instead, we have seen several new trends that may account for the continued healthy growth of our industry despite the economic slump. For one thing, air conditioning replacements have been on the rise. For homes where ductwork exists replacing an old air conditioning unit with a newer model can be both quick and easy.

However, if there is no ducting in the home and you are in need of air conditioning, then one of our San Diego HVAC specialists can install a ductless system instead. While research conducted by Emerson Climate Technologies in 2011 showed that 85% of all ductless systems were probably installed in commercial applications, ductless is also suitable for small apartments or room additions. Additionally, in Europe and Asia these units are very common already, and they are expected to grow in popularity in the U.S. in the coming years as well.

The benefits of ductless mini-split systems are numerous. For one thing, in most cases the units are easy to install. They do not interfere with your interior design because they are completely self-contained. In addition, the low sound guarantees that the unit will not intrude on other ambient sounds. Another advantage is that special zoning laws do not apply to them.

Another trend we have seen in HVAC is the growing awareness people have in the importance of indoor air quality and its dependence on outdoor make-up air. This constant airflow needs to be carefully calibrated in order to avoid adverse health effects and our HVAC specialists can help you find the perfect balance.

For all your needs when it comes to HVAC, San Diego residents need not look any further than Bill Howe Heating & Air. We are not only up to date with all the current trends but have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle everything HVAC.

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